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ROX is the best interactive training system on the market.

Alan Pearson

Founder of SAQ International

effective and Convenient, ROX Pro is designed with fitness professionals in mind

Keep your clients coming back for more

Training with ROX Pro creates gamified workouts. It’s an interactive experience that brings the fun to the forefront and camouflages all the hard effort as play. Your clients will work harder, improve focus and most importantly, enjoy each session. The result? They will always come back for more.

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Stand out with innovative technology

Stand out with game-changing technology, latest sports science based training methodology and show your clients that you are up to date. You will be able to beat your competition by offering a fitness experience like no other. ROX Pro will help you stand out and create unique enjoyable sessions.

your own training channel in the ROX Pro App

We allow the trainers to film their own videos and write their own drills, exclusive to their clients needs. In the partner channel, we keep all of the content private. A major plus it that you can offer instruction and track performances from afar at any time and anywhere.


Add more value
to workouts

Even if your client just wants that perfect 6-pack, everybody can benefit from the cognitive-motor skills development and the scientifically proven effects that MSNP™ training methodology has on both the body and the brain. Decision making and neurovision are just two of the many dimensions that you can train with ROX Pro.

Focus on your clients

You can now completely focus on your clients’ movements, positioning and form. Let ROX Pro do the tracking, counting and signal shouting work. You now have all the seconds in a session available to fully keep your eyes on your training and on your clients.

Take your ROX Pro everywhere

Convenient and flexible, easy to transport to appointments, simple to set up and easy to control via a free app and latest IoT technology.

What trainers and coaches are saying

Boosting engagement + performance = the perfect training tool


Parkour Fitness Trainer @getwildlyfit

I work with elite professionals across all sports, such as NFL, NBA and Cirque Du Soleil, ... I need high quality and efficient tools to be up to these challenges. When I got ROX Pro, I just loved how durable and customizable it is!


2x Gold Medalist Tafisa WMAG

ROX Pro features

Body balance feature

Proprietary Upala™ Body Balance feature gives immediate vibrating biofeedback when patients lose balance. Perfect for the assessment and training of proprioception, balance and coordination.

Vibration, sound & light

Not just visual stimulation. ROX Pro also provides tactile, auditory and multi-component cues via its integrated speaker, vibration motor and RGB lights.

App Control

Easy to set up wirelessly-connected pods, controlled via a free app (iOS and Android) with a super-intuitive “3 Tap & Go” program activation. Wireless charging and power-saving touch button to ensure reliable and constant power supply.

Adjustable sensors

All sensor and program settings are adjustable via multiple dimensions, making it possible to fine-tune ROX Pro 100% according to the different needs of different patients and to ensure maximum accuracy and flawless training experiences.

In-app rehab specific exercise library and open programs

30+ Rehab specific, video-based exercises for instruction and inspiration, developed according to our proprietary Multi-Sensory Neuroplasticity (MSNP) Training Methodology. Additional 9+ open programs to plan, set-up and create your own drills.

Cloud-based dashboard

Any interaction with the ROX is recorded and directly uploaded into the free cloud-based dashboard. View & analyze all historic data to track your patients’ progress and to showcase pre and post results. All data is exportable into .xls files.

Reliable and durable

ROX Pro is powered by a proven, proprietary protocol for reliable connectivity and is manufactured according to the highest commercial standards. Constructed and manufactured for professionals who need a tool that is high performance, reliable and designed to be utilized in all environments without failure.

Physiotherapy & REhab

No matter if you are dealing with professional athletes (pre and post surgery), patients with neurological conditions (such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s) or recovering from a stroke, Geriatrics or Pediatrics, Orthopaedics or Pelvic Health: ROX Pro helps you to train and stimulate cognitive-motor skills in more effective, engaging and personalized ways than ever known before.

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ROX Pro Physio | 6 ROX set + Charging case + 6 x Supersleeves + 6 x 3 in 1 Claws


Loved by physical therapy and rehab specialists

Want to learn more about how to use ROX Pro in your facility?

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Loved by physical therapy and rehab specialists

Want to learn more about how to use ROX Pro in your facility?

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