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ROX Pro is widely used to improve:

  • reaction time;
  • speed and agility;
  • visual capabilities;
  • coordination and balance.


Fitness, sports, physio specialists, teachers and athletes integrate ROX Pro into their training 100% according to their needs. ROX Pro can be integrated into 1-on-1 and group sessions and be used for athletes of all fitness, ability and age levels.

Some of ROX Pro most loved features are:

  • Not only lights but multi-sensory cues to stimulate more senses and recreate real game and life scenarios;
  • Ball, kick, and punch-proof. Made of jet-fighter materials and engineered to withstand any impact;
  • The unique feature for body balance assessment and training via immediate feedback;
  • Adjustable sensors that comply with maximum tap accuracy for different needs and locations;
  • Tracking dashboard that shows performance data with export functionality. 

They are not waterproof, but water repellent. Please do not throw them into the swimming pool.

All the built-in Programs of ROX Pro are sports-science backed with the proprietary MSNP™ training methodology. It ensures cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting.

The ROX are ball, punch, kick-proof. We know that athletes will be rough with them, so we made them extra strong. When constructing the shape, stability considerations were key. Athletes can step on the ROX and hit it with different kinds of projectiles. The material selection supports our stability and quality focus. We used super reliable (and safe) materials. 

The ROX are made to last. The ROX’s top is made of the same material as jet fighter canopies (PC), the body is made of an ultra-strong plastic (ABS mixed with PC). The holsters are made out of silicone. All materials are virgin (=not recycled), which means they are safe and comply with the strictest chemical standards.

  • 200+ video guided sports-specific drills library
  • 9+ Programs developed based on our proprietary MSNP training methodology
  • ‘3 Taps & Go’ functionality for quick start of drills
  • Preset and customized drill possibilities
  • Tracking dashboard to follow performance development
  • In-app help center for instant support

Yes. ROX Pro is an open tool to be integrated into all your sessions. The Programs settings are customizable quick & easy. Mix ROX Pro with your creativity and experience to match 100% of your needs.

Yes. Users can save unlimited custom presets for specific Programs, and access them later on.

  • Any custom saved preset within the Program is saved based on the login data, not based on the phone/ app or ROX.
  • When you log in with one e-mail account and save a setting, for example in the Program “Open React 2.0” you save a drill that you call “Warmup” everybody who signs up with the same email will be able to see and load “Warmup”.
  • If another person uses your phone but uses a different email address sign-in he/she will not be able to load “Warmup”. What you could do to let your trainers have the same workout is:
  • At the bottom of the page, you can see “Load Preset” (see attached screenshot) and then you get a screen that shows all the detailed settings of the “Warmup” drill, which you can then share with your colleagues. 
  • You can use one account on multiple devices to help trainers share their drills but you cannot use it at the same time. When you log in to ROX Pro App on a different device using the same email, you’ll be automatically logged out from the previous device.

It’s a cloud-based dashboard with export functionality. You can access your training data here: http://pro.results.a-champs.com/login

Use your login from the ROX Pro App and analyze your athlete’s evolution.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the tap sensors in the “More settings” section of the programs that utilize the tap sensor. It is available in the 4 programs below.

  • Open React 2.0
  • Lights Out
  • Body Control 2.0
  • Target Practice

We will schedule release updates that make your ROX Pro even better. You will receive an update notification on your phone;

Any device paired with ROX

Go to ‘Device Manager’ (Press Down Arrow on the ‘Select a Program’ page) Tap your device “ROX” In “All ROX” select the connected ROX A pop-up window will show, click ‘OK’

The ROX Pro App lets you connect up to 30 Rocks to one phone.

Yes. There are different sound volumes available, you can find the volume control within the ROX Pro App once a Program is started. 

Make sure that the battery is full. Once the ROX are on, the power button is disabled.

The integrated sensors in the ROX are 100% accurate. You can adjust the sensitivity according to the surface where you place ROX. 


 To change the Tap Sensitivity of a ROX:

  – Go to the program that you want to use

  – Tap the “More Settings” button

  – Go to “Tap Sensitivity”

  – Select one of the different sensitivity levels:

 You can choose from Light (1) (Very Sensitive) to Hard (3) (less sensitive) and also adjust it based on the floor type:

 The Shaky floor (yeah, we know the name sucks) is any floor that reverberates vibrations, like a basketball court, volleyball court, etc.

  The soft floor is any floor that absorbs vibrations, like a mat, grass, etc.

  The hard floor could be pavement, tiles, etc.

The battery of the ROX lasts 3 to 9 hours depends on your usage.

The range is up to 43 yd / 40 m.

Go to ‘Device Manager’

  • Select “All ROX’
  • Then you see the battery status of all connected ROX 
  • Press any ROX icon to identify each one of them

ROX adds a cognitive training to any kind of physical training. Besides the cognitive-motor development you can expect your athletes or clients to perform better because of two factors:

  • Their motivation is increased by the fact that they can see their results and compete with others or themselves.
  • The multi-sensory stimulation of ROX keeps them focus on the exercise.

This unique feature develops sensory awareness for balance & coordination. It allows the assessment and training of these skills via immediate multi-sensory feedback.

The set up is simple, and based on syncing your ROX Pro App (downloaded to your phone) to the Rocks (your devices).

1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone

2. Enter the App

3. Go to ‘Program Center’

4. Tap ‘Add A Device’

5. Tap ‘Add ROX’

6. Turn on the ROX

7. The App will display all ROX that were founded

8. Tap the ROX(s) to confirm the one(s) you want to add to your Program

9. After you tap all the ROX you want, tap the ‘Go’ button in your App

10. Double confirm on your ‘Program Center’ page that the number of ROX is correct. If not, redo steps 4-7

We provide a warranty for 12 months for any hardware defects on the ROX that are not caused by improper use.

  • It depends on your device and your App version. 
  • With Run Jump Play App iOS devices support up to 6 Rocks and Android devices support 3 to 12 Rocks.
  • With ROX Pro App you will be able to add up to 30 ROX to both iOS and Android phones.


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Loved by physical therapy and rehab specialists

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