A rehab revolution

aerofloor features

Proprietary ‘Controlled Energy Return Technology’

Shock absorption sparing the joints from exercise impact

Elastic recoil providing a safe, fun and explosive training surface

Increased cardiovascular demand compared with work on a normal training surface

Proprioceptive qualities providing an adjustable ‘unstable surface’ for balance training

Joint impact is minimized and the energy return allows rapidity of movement

What health professionals are saying

The arrival of aerofloor® into the Sports Medicine arena is a long-awaited training and rehabilitation phenomenon that will revolutionize this discipline.


Physical Therapist, Chelsea Football Club

There is nothing else available that allows multi-directional, functional movement training whilst reducing impact stress.  Aerofloor® is a highly valuable addition to our rehabilitation and training option.


Physical Therapist, ex West Ham United FC

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Loved by professional trainers and athletes

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Loved by physical therapy and rehab specialists

Want to learn more about how to use aerofloor in your practice?

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